10 Possibilities of yourself​

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10 Possibility myself.

The possibilities of the self are the possibilities that we might be able to achieve or the things that we might become. These are the 10 possibilities that I believe in.

1. If I try I may fail, but if I don't try I will surely fail

2. Letting go of something might make me happier because holding on to something toxic will only hurt us.

3. I can be beautiful if I believe I am beautiful.

4. I can be successful if I keep trying because I don't know on how many trials I will succeed.

5. To be strong doesn't mean I have to always hold on to my dreams, to be strong can also be done by giving up.

6. I can be anything, as long as I believe and try because if I don't believe and try I can't be anything.

7. If I like myself, other people will like me too.

8. I can achieve big goals with small and consistent steps.

9. If I can dream it then I can reach it too.

10. I can love myself more when I stop comparing myself to others because true happiness comes from yourself first.

Those are 10 possibilities from me. Everyone may have their own possibilities depending on what they believe. To be able to know our own possibilities, we must know ourselves and know what things we can achieve by doing or believing something.

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