LEARNRG TASK 6: In your notebook, write a 5-paragraph personal insight about the topic below. MY BODY PARTS ARE NOT EQUAL TO WHAT I AM.

Answers 1

The saying "My body parts are not equal to what I am" means that we are worth more than what we see on the outside. What we have physically is not the total package that other people get.

   My body parts are not equal to what I am

Our body is part of our life. That doesn’t mean you don't accept who you are. In our life, we have many things or goals that we want to achieve like having stable work, traveling, buying favorite foods, bonding with friends and families, and having confidence in what we look for now.

Our body is not equal to who we are. I have been very aware of how others perceive the way I look. I know that I'm not perfect because every inch of our body has flaws that we have to cherish. This is what we are and this is the way we look naturally. Remember, don’t compare yourself to others because this will bother you.

Most people have things they wish they could change about their appearance or body. This is the reality for our generation. What I have found is that most people are encouraged to change their appearance or body. Doesn't that sound absolutely alarming? That's because it is. They do those kinds of things because of the person they are, not because of their physical features. Their heart and entire being are the reason they do what they do though I cannot blame them.

But that doesn't mean they aren't the same phenomenal, dedicated, passionate, and driven people. I admit that every change in our appearance or body doesn't count to change our personality. What we were then, we are still in the future. I understand that sometimes friends or family members may not always know how to respond to someone struggling with the way we look. Those closest to us love us the way we are and want us to accept ourselves, too.

I really appreciate what God really gave to me and I don't regret it. Because what is given to us, we have to accept it, we have to cherish it. As I said, our bodies are not equal to who we are. Because someday, whatever we’re going through right now, will definitely be alright.

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